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Palo Santo: The Holy Wood

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Did you know that the Palo Santo tree has to die naturally in order to release its sacred aroma?

Having become quite the sensation in recent years in the western world, Palo Santo has erupted when it comes to wellness and self-care.
First off, what is Palo Santo? Palo Santo, or Bursera Graveolens (found in Ecuador and Peru) and Bulnesia Sarmientoi (found in parts of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia) is a sacred tree traditionally used by Indigenous communities as a sacred practice. Shamans burn Palo Santo sticks in bundles to cleanse their space and ward off spirits.
Palo Santo in Spanish is holy stick.
The therapeutic benefits of Palo Santo are many, with it being highly medicinal and healing. The only way to get the full benefit of this tree is by letting it die naturally, and allowing it a four to ten year resting period on the forest floor. The highest quality oils form in the aged heartwood, which is used in sacred ceremonies and to heal by specific local cultures.
In Peru and Ecuador, it is illegal to cut down these trees, but it is quite difficult to enforce this law. According to the sacred beliefs and in order to gain the actual benefit of the wood, a Palo Santo tree should never be cut down. Those who cut down the tree prematurely are selling Palo Santo bundles that provide little benefit, yet being so far removed here in the west, Palo Santo is being snatched up faster than ever because of the trend aspect, rather than the understanding of its importance.

✨Anima Mundi's Palo Santo products are wildcrafted and support a small family in northern Peru who devote themselves to re-planting
trees in the wild.
Their mission is to support the preservation of native lands and proper farming habits of this sacred tree. Supporting proper harvesting supports the preservation of Indigenous lands and consciousness ✨

Sustainably Sourced / Ethically Wildcrafted
Palo Santo is traditionally used to clear bad energy that stagnates within spaces and to also purify bacteria from the air. Other uses for this beautiful wood include: relieving common colds, flu symptoms, stress, asthma, headaches, anxiety, depression, inflammation, emotional pain and more.
Our Palo Santo is 100% sustainably grown in Peru. We work directly with a small Native family from the Chiclayo region in northern Peru. They ethically cultivate these sacred trees, while replanting in the wild.
Wildcrafted Hydrosol
An exquisite way to purify your space. Within Palo Santo's deep aromatherapeutic notes you find a wide range of healing benefits for body and mind.
It is a potent anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, relieving sickness and potential microbes from your immediate space. Its is a natural air purifier. As a psychosomatic healer, if bring peace to your heart, flooding your energy field with light and repelling bad vibes.
Wildcrafted Botanical Perfume
Our Palo Santo Oil is a potent botanical perfume with strong woody notes. It can be used as an annointing oil in ceremonial events, before sleep to help induce lucid dreaming or to simply wear and beautify yourself with protective magic. Tribal people use the essential oil in ceremony to protect the aura. Medicine people in many tribes around Central & South America utilize it to purify, cleanse, and strengthen the energy around the body. Used for centuries in ceremony as a sacred smudge to bless the space before ritual.
This magnificent tree is said to be a portal to our ancestors, and holds the wisdom of the elders. The magic of this Spirit Tree is used to bring in the necessary light that purifies the elements of darkness that holds us back.
**information obtained from Anima Mundi Herbals and Forage and Sustain


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