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Basecamp Maasai Brand Black Olmurani Bracelet

Designer: Odisya


Handmade with love

The 'Olmurani', or Warrior bracelet is traditionally worn by the Maasai warriors around their ankles. Beads sewn on soft leather straps that are tied around your wrist.

Individually handcrafted in Kenya by the women of the Maasai for Odisya.  

This piece is Fair Trade. By supporting Fair Trade we actively promote social responsibility while supporting world-wide causes and community development.

About Basecamp Maasai Brand

Basecamp Maasai Brand was initiated in 2003 with the aim of empowering disadvantaged women's groups in the Talek region of the Masai Mara in Kenya, and to maintain and enhance the handicraft skills, knowledge and designs of the Maasais’ famous bead and leather work.

The Maasai have a rich heritage in bead work, where many of their traditional ceremonies and religious beliefs are expressed in colour and pattern.

Over one hundred women are working with us, and making a positive change in the area. 

By choosing to support this project you are making a difference and helping  to build a sustainable source of income for these women.


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