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Lung Tea: Communi-tea

Designer: Anima Mundi Herbals


Handmade with love

Communi-Tea : Pay it Forward 

This is the tea Anima Mundi have donated to over six hundred families (and counting) in California that have been affected by the fires one way or another. Now with fires burning in Australia we would like to help our own community. 

Maintaining lung health is critical for optimal health and wellbeing, and due to the potentially damaging results of toxic fumes and trauma with our devastating bushfires, offering extra help to people is crucial. 

Lung health encompasses all that is our respiratory system and according to Chinese medicine, is where we process grief and emotional trauma. 

Odisya is working with the NSW RFS to provide Anima Mundi Lung Tea and proceeds to those affected by our widespread bushfires.

If you wish to purchase Lung Tea for yourself, please select ‘PURCHASE’ from the drop-down option, alternatively, you can donate this tea and pay it forward by selecting ‘DONATE’. 

We are a small business and are doing our best to give back and help affected communities.  Funds from the sale of this tea might be used to purchase more tea, however once Lung Tea has stopped selling all funds will go to the NSW RFS. Odisya will not be keeping any profits from the sale of this tea.

For an added lung strengthening source, we recommend Cordyceps mushroom. 

A very tasty and medicinal blend of:

Astragalus*, Mullein^, Reishi*, Oats^, Nettles^, Cherry bark^, and Ginger* (*organic / ^wildcrafted)

1oz bag (approx 28 grams)


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